Saturday, 18 June 2016


I said to myself that I wouldn't post smut aka erotica here. I lied. 
Here is a short, whimsical old one, recycled. 

I’m tired & worn down, miserable & despondent, tense & twitchy. And horny as fuck.

I want no, I need - someone to take it. Just take it.

At least in fantasy.

Fucking take it all.

Hurt for me.

Not in the roleplay ''for me'' way whose aim is really to get him off, but for me. Because I want it. Because I need it.

Kneel. Now.


So I know that he can get up, step away, any time. So I know that that he would be able to stop me because he is physically stronger and unrestrained. 

And yet he doesn't.

Head down, eyes up. 

“Please hurt me”.

I want to see an exposed back, a bare ass, and mark it. Maybe make it bleed a little.

I want to hear it, see it, feel it, and taste it. 
The yielding.  And the pain. Both. Given to me. 

Willing. Thankful.

And then, even though he knows how I am today, I want him to offer me his wrists and ankles.

So I can spread him flat on a bed, tie down securely and hurt him some more. 

Every so often reach to my cunt, dip my fingers and let him taste it. Let him taste how doing those things to him turns me on. How every twitch and moan and whimper make me wet. How I wait for the moment his voice breaks, how I wait for the tears to glaze his eyes.

Tell him how hard my clit is, then put my hands on the sides of his neck and press softly. Move one higher and cover his mouth. Feel him gasp and try to catch air.

Pull my soaked knickers off and wipe his whole face with them.

And I’d have you thank me. 

And I’d have you ask me for more.

Sit astride you. Blow smoke into your face. Then, cigarette end to your chest, rapid, forceful touches. Your cock squashed under my ass, enveloped by my slick labia. 

Slap your face. Touch the fresh, just-pink but stinging burn marks. 

Can you feel how wet I am?

I need you to take it. 

I need you to take it willingly and gratefully.  

I need you to show me that you can and that you will. 

I need you to say “thank you” and I need you to say “please” and I need yo to say ''more''. 

I need you to say "yes". 


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